About The Project

What Is Parents Corner?

Parents Corner is a Strategic Partnership for School Education, under the range of the ERASMUS+ Program. This Project aims to prepare a Pan European analysis of good practices of school-parent cooperation and relation, and then create one common strategy for education and cooperation with children’s parents - PARENTS CORNER.
The analysis of good practices will be done in 5 schools from each partner country: Poland, Slovenia, Portugal, UK, Turkey, Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

What Are The Expected Results Of Parents Corner?

It is expected that Parents Corner encourage development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices, and implementation of joint initiatives to promote cooperation, by boosting innovative approaches in education, and ensuring attractive education and training programs in accordance to the needs and expectations of the students. It is also expected that this project strengthen the profile of teachers, encourage teachers and school management to provide high quality education, solve complex situations and embrace new tools and methods.

Is Parents Corner An Innovative Project?

The innovation of this project is the approach on how it will be used all known existing practices in Europe and compile them into one strategy – PARENTS CORNER.
This innovative approach will be able to:

  • Prepare the selection of best proven methods;
  • Equip the school with needed tools on analysis;
  • Involve teaching staff in the decision of the implementation;
  • Empower school principal leadership;
  • Training materials for teachers in techniques for dealing with parents;

What Be The Outcome Of Parents Corner?

The Pan European analysis of good practices of school-parents cooperation will be compiled in the manual “Step by Step Guidelines for Implementing Parents Corner in the School”, that will be shared in our website, through all the partners of the project and across schools all over Europe.
Plus, after the implementation and the monitoring of the implementation process, all data will be then captured and presented in the analysis “What is now different? – Parents Corner Implementation.”