Gölbaşı National Education

Our organization under the Ministry of National Education and situated in the provincial organization that conducts national education service is a public institution.It is the local authority responsible for education. Golbasi National Education there are 35 primary education school, 21 high schools and several institutions dealing with adult education, special needs education. There are 2600 teachers and 32000 students.


  • Our institution has services such as; Education service, Primary Education Service, Secondary Education Service, Vocational and Technical Training Service, Religious Education Service, Special Training and Counseling Service, Data Processing and Education Technologies Services, Development of Strategy Services etc.
  • Some roles which we carry out are;
  • To provide the implementation of education programme, to prepare guide books of practice, to make offers to the ministry so as to develop the education service.
  • In a collaboration with the relevant departments to transform the project and research results into the sustainable processes of work by directing to new implementations.
  • Ensuring the implementation of education and training programs, preparing application guides.
  • Carrying out the use of textbooks, teaching internal and educational tools and utensils, ensuring effective use.
  • Ensuring equality of opportunity in education.
  • Working about promotion and improvements about education.
  • Ensuring the efficiency of the conduct of educational services.
  • Doing research and development and field studies for students and educational intuitions.
  • Enhancing the environment of moral education,school and corporate culture and learning process.
  • Developing projects relating to education , implementing and taking advantage of the results.
  • Following national and international researches and projects taking advantage of the results.
  • Carrying out the necessary business and operations in collaborations with public and private sector stakeholders in education.
  • Making proposals to the Ministry of Education in order to improve services.
  • Developing an effective and students parents involved in the process.
  • Conducting studies to develop students sense of belonging to educational institutions, reporting the results.
  • Conducting a study on educational services to students with disabilities.
  • Carrying out the process about skills and hobby courses, with cultural activities.
  • Making educational and socio-cultural activities about, children ,teenagers and families.
  • Ensuring the dissemination of the use of IT network.
  • Conducting quality improvement activities on training at research development and strategic planning.
  • Preparing projects about education and carrying about them.
  • Conducting studies about Project preparation and execution capacity of the developer of educational instructions for District of national education directorates.
  • Implementing training programs in candidacy and adapting prospective teachers.
  • Doing in service training that improves the level of competence and job performance of teachers.
  • Monitoring national and international developments. Making and implementing projects and research about teacher’s professional development.
  • To conduct and to make studies to develop a sense of belonging to educational institutions of students and to report the results.
  • To conduct and to make the students to do studies to improve the academic achievement.
  • To take precautions for students are excluded from the education system.
  • To make studies about students related to outdoor school activities.
  • To prepare projects related to education and implement.
  • Vocational and technical education and to provide employment relations on the local and develop.
  • Ensure compliance with the local needs of the vocational and technical education.

Consultation to schools and institutions are carried out. Referenced similar national projects are carried out for this project, and we as a local authority responsible for education in our schools and follow the guidance in this regard, the need for training briefings, seminars and conferences are organized.

In our district for the tasks listed above studies are carried out in accordance with certain business calendar. Socio-cultural activities, in-service training activities, ceremonies, meetings, local, national and international projects (values education, culture, flag project, a national science fair projects, national mathematics and science studies projects, Leonardo da Vinci project, Women Entrepreneurs And Mothers), debate competitions, theater festivals and so on.), Many studies are conducted and monitored. All educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Education in accordance with the EFQM Excellence Model management approach and carries out its activities in this direction .

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