Geoclube – Youth Association

Geoclube is a Youth Association founded in 2000 by a group of teachers and students from the high school of Gondomar. The main aim of the association is to foster the participation and the involvement of young people in the decision making process of their education and their future involving the educational community (parents, teachers, counsellors, social workers) in this process. Our interdisciplinary approach with the inclusion of the community have proved to be more effective in the process of vocational orientation of students and inclusion and participation in the school activities. The office is located inside the high school, that is constituted by 1800 students for regular education, VET training courses and Adult Education training courses, 180 teachers, 35 school staff and one advisor. Therefore our main target range from young people from 12 years old to young adults til 30 years old, and all the educational community that is involved in the education system.

Geoclube has participated and is still participating in several national and international Projects with Youth in Action Programme and Erasmus+ programme concerning youth participation, active citizenship, democracy, entrepreneurship, social inclusion and others. It is our objective to create opportunities for young people to be active, to participate, and to have special interest in issues that concern directly their future, such as Education, Politics, Economics and Social activities. Recently we opened a second office in a Professional and Vocational Education Training Center, in order to reach a wider target group and also to intervene more actively in adult’s education. Now we are able to promote inter-generational activities, involving young people and adults, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as best practices...

We are also part of two international networks: TDM2000 International from Sardenia, Italy and IDA - International Development Alliance, from Romania.


  • Agrupamento de Escolas nº1 de Gondomar - High School of Gondomar;
  • CINDOR - Vocational and Professional Training School of Jewelry and Gold handcraft;
  • Câmara Municipal de Gondomar - Municipality of Gondomar;
  • União de Freguesias de Gondomar, Valbom e Jovim - Local Parish of Gondomar, Valbom e Jovim;

With this local partnerships, we pretend to enlarge our scope of action, promoting an integrated approach with the cooperation of all the institutions and community in order to promote the active participation and inclusion of young and adult people in the society. This process will increase the motivation and the positive expectations among young and adults providing them the self-confidence necessary for pursuing a better future and different professional opportunities.


  • CARLOS FERREIRA: one of the founders of Geoclube and actual president of the board. Geography teacher since 2003 and a facilitator for the Portuguese National Agency for Erasmus+. Carlos has more than 8 years of experience in European Projects as a coordinator and as responsible for its implementation and evaluation. Highly experienced in the youth field in formal and non-formal education. He was responsible for the implementation of non-formal education in the School of Gondomar, as a tool to involve the family in the school activities.
  • DIANA GONÇALVES: Social Worker since 2010. She has worked in the public sector with drug and alcohol addicts, aiming to prevent consuming and support recovering from addiction, developing activities to promote their integration or reintegration in the society. During her Erasmus, she has worked in a private institution in Spain, with young emigrants with fewer opportunities, promoting their inclusion in the school and local community. More recently, she is working in Geoclube, and is responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of several projects at national and european level. Therefore, she is highly experienced as a social worker and has a special interest for social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, promoting activities that work towards this issue. She is a Trainer in the Vocational Professional and Educational Training School CINDOR where she provides professional training in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Techniques for job hunting and Communication skills.

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ADDRESS: Rua da Boa Vista, S/N 4435 - 354 Rio Tinto - Portugal

CONTACT: +351 935 504 948 | EMAIL: geral@geoclube.eu