Primary School Šalovci

Primary school Šalovci has 58 pupils in 9 classes in the school year 2015/16. It facing the situation of lowering enrolment because of the brain drain and the aging of the population. Few years ago branch school were closed and now, if situation will not change, can happen the same with the central school. Within the school is kindergarten with two groups of preschool children School is situated in the Prekmurje, Slovenian most rural part, with the high percentage of socially deprived families. Most of the industry is ruined by the globalization and low prices which local economy cannot match. Factories are closing, people are without job which makes environment apathetic.


  • Experience of working with parents;
  • Preparation and implementation of specific forms of work with parents;
  • Participation in the project Grundtvig, where involved parents and students;
  • Preparation of mobility project Erasmus;

In the years 2008-2013, primary school Šalovci organized International ethnological camps. We researched the heritage of the borderline between Slovenia and Hungary with Slovenian minority. In the project were involved children from our school and the school from Števanovci (HU), the teachers from both schools and elders from both sides of the border.

In the last year school was part of the international project SKK (Social and cultural capital), in which are involved socially deprived families in the connection with voluntary organisations, that operate on the field of cultural Heritage.

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