Kilis MEM

Kilis Provincial Directorate of National Education (Kilis MEM), a public body, is the directorate that governs the educational affairs of the Kilis province. It is responsible for planning, programming, coordinating all level of schools and other institutions connected to the organization.

It provides both formal and non-formal education, including adult education, for a population of more than 100.000 (about 200 schools, 1566 teachers and about 50000 students with refugee Syrian students) and numerous organizations.

Our institution prepares and implements projects on local, regional, national and international levels. We carry out projects funded by Social Support Service (SODES) of Turkish Ministry of Development and Silk road Development Agency.

Our institution has had 7 EU Lifelong Learning projects up to know. ( Individual schools’ projects are included).

Kilis hosts 110.000 refugees that fled from the ongoing civil war in Syria. Kilis MEM supplies education services for Syrian refugee students (both people at the school age or over) The institution is now also responsible for all educational issues of the refugee population (about 20000 children and adults) which is a very new concept and experience for it.

In current situation 19.137 students get school education in 252 classrooms in 18 Temporary Training Centers. Some of these centers are in the two refugee camps and the rest are scattered throughout the city. Among these centers are 3 kindergartens, 10 primary schools, 2 high schools, 3 secondary schools.

In these centers Turkish and Syrian teachers offers education for children ranging from pre-school to high school. ( 139 Turkish teachers and 658 Syrian teachers= 795 teachers total) Turkish teachers teach Turkish language to these refugee students while the main lessons are taught by Syrian teachers. At each center there are Turkish and Syrian headmasters that are called coordinators. The education in these schools are based on Turkish curriculum.

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ADDRESS: Akpınar Caddesi Eski Valilik Binası Kat: 1 79000 Kilis/ Turkey

CONTACT: +903 488 134 052 | EMAIL: kilismem@meb.gov.tr